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Air Conditioning
  • It is recommended that you keep your thermostat to 78 degrees. A constant temperature is easier for your system to maintain. It also decreases energy cost and optimizes performance.
  • Check your filters once a month. If they are dirty replace them, if they are the washable type, wash them. Dirty filters decrease the Hvac systemís performance and increases energy cost.
  • Leave the blower fan on. It keeps the indoor air circulating, making a constant temperature easier to maintain.
  • Periodically check around your ground mounted Hvac system for debris. Built up debris can cause loss of performance and overheat.
  • Every spring and winter, call our friendly and professional service technicians to do preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance can save you costly repairs in the future.
  • At least once a year your air conditioning system should receive a tune up from a certified Hvac technician. This tune-up should include an inspection of the fan, compressor, indoor coils, outdoor coils, and refrigerant lines.
Yes, make sure that your Hvac unit is plugged in and the settings are correct on your thermostat.
There are many factors to consider such as: the size of your home or business, customer needs, and price. Please request a estimate from one of our Companyís many certified Hvac technicians.

Our Hvac technician will provide a heat load calculation to determine the proper size and make the appropriate recommendation.
At least once a year heat pumps require a professional tune-up. Because gas-fired equipment functions with greater efficiency, it only needs to be serviced every other year. Professional tune-ups should include:

Inspections on boiler and furnace systems including ductwork, pipes, dampers, valves, the chimney, registers, radiators, pumps, blowers, fuel lines, the gas meter, oil tank and every part of the actual furnace and boiler. The heat pump inspection should also include inspections of the fan, compressor, indoor coils, outdoor coils and refrigerant lines.
It is recommended by many energy companies that you have a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature. You can program the thermostat to come on and maintain a temperature of 67 degrees for when you are home. Also program it to lower when you are sleeping to 65 degrees. This will help you maintain a comfortable temperature which will save you $ís on your energy bill.
Hvac system ducts accumulate dust over time. When your ducts become dirty, bacteria and mold can grow leading to possible health issues for you and your family. If you suspect that your ducts are dirty, contact one of our helpful and professional technicians to inspect your duct system, to see if a duct cleaning is recommended.
There could be many reasons. Ages is one very important factor and rather than face the possibility of flooding and cracking, please call us.
At the time of install, it is important to run pipes with enough volume and pressure so that many fixtures can be used at the same time. Running only two fixtures on a 1/2" line; so a standard bathroom would have a 3/4" line for cold until one fixture is taken off. A 1/2" line for the hot is fine. Get a pressure balanced tub and shower valve, which is a single handled valve that balances the hot and cold water to try to maintain a temperature range plus or minus 2 degrees.
Ninety percent of all leaks in residential plumbing systems are found in the toilet tank. Toilet tank leaks typically result from worn parts or improper alignment of some part of the flushing mechanism. It is very important to stop the leak. Stop the leak and stop the expensive water bill from hitting you every month.
You can only do this replacement if the new three-prong outlet is connected to a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).
The outlets in these areas should be GFCI. If you trip a GFCI outlet, you can reset the circuit by pressing the reset switch on the GFCI outlet in the effected room. If this does not solve the issue, go to tour electrical panel and check that the breakers are in the on position for the room that is without power. If the issue still exists, contact one of our certified electrical service technicians.
The most common way, to protect your expensive electronic components, is to always plug them into a surge suppressor rated for the correct joules. Also, you may have a whole house surge suppressor installed in your main electrical panel. This installation can save you thousands, if for whatever reason your individual surge suppressors fail. Please ask one of our certified electrical technicians if you have any questions regarding the whole house surge suppressor.
This normally only happens in older homes. Older homes were not wired for the amount of electricity that we use now. This creates a draw that momentarily dims the lights.
In standard upgrades, it will normally take 4 to 6 hours.
Homeowners can change their old bulbs out for energy saver bulbs. They are now made for most lamp types indoor and outdoor. Follow energy saving guides on all appliances and you should see a noticeable savings on your next energy bill.